Friday, April 06, 2007

Show 03

Sorry this is a little late. But tonight at 8:30pm BST Show 03 will be live and on air and Blog Talk Radio. You can listen live here or listen to the archive at the same location, or if that is too much hassle, in the side player on the right. In tonight's show there will be:

  • Wii review - A summary of my Wii review
  • PS3 Advert Campaign - More PS3 bashing on their shoddy advert campaign
  • What you can expect this easter - Basically a blog update but in audio, and more interesting
  • 2007 Out look - Things to watch out for this 2007
  • Much more
If at any time you want to contact the show, you can email me at the kileyenator at (all one word, anti spamming device). Or you can phone the show up LIVE. The number you need to call is: (646) 915-9573 Remember, if you live inside the USA it is free to phone in with Skype. If you live outside America you need to add a double 00 to the front. Calls are international so I recommend using Skype. Finally, you can IM me during the show on Skype, my name is thk123-cheap_web_design. All this information will be read out in the show, and will be in the show notes. This show has not had enough planning to go smoothly, so it will be very enjoyable!

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