Sunday, April 29, 2007

FPS Controls on the Wii

Ok, there have been a few FPS's on the Wii, but none have been up to much. I think the Wii is perfect for FPS, because the pointer is even more accurate and intuitive than a mouse. However, if the rest of the controls aren't right, then it won't matter about the pointer. So here is a video of what I think the controls should be (and yes, that is me for those who haven't seen me before). Enjoy

B - Shoot
A - Jump
D-Pad - Choose weapons
Analogue Stick - Move
Point - Aim
Numchuq forward - Bring butt of gun forward
Wiimote forward - Normal melee attack
N/W together and forward - Massive attack, kills enemy but takes a few seconds to recover
Z - Grenade
W/ grenade - Pull Numchuq "out" of Wiimote like a pin.
W/ pin out - "lob" the Wiimote, faster you through, further it goes
Let go of Z to let go of grenade.
+/- - Zoom in and out of scope
1 - Bring map up
2 - Crouch
C - Command Mode
Wave Wiimote in different patterns to select different units
Point to tell them where to go, or issue other command like defend

So, what do you think, leave a remark with what you think should be the controls.

In other news, I think GS may have finally redone the union system, as their site is "down for maintenance"

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